The Women Heavy Equipment Operator Awards honors the most successful women who are working in the construction and mining industries.
All equipment operators within construction and mining are eligible for this prestigious recognition.

The ballot for the Women Heavy Equipment Operator Awards can be found online.

The deadline for the Women Heavy Equipment Operator Awards are Oct. 16, 2019.

Yes. Public relations firms may aid in the submission.
Yes. You can nominate more than one heavy equipment operator.
There is no entry fee associated with the Women Heavy Equipment Operator Awards.
The Women Heavy Equipment Operator is chosen based on the individual’s machine ability, mechanical aptitude, and how the individual embraces technology. Judges also look at how many hours the individual worked without a recordable incident, mentorship skills, and the challenges the individual has overcome to be where they are today.
Constructech magazine publishes print and/or Web articles highlighting the winners. This material is based on the award submission and research conducted by the editors. We recommend you do not submit material that is not for publication, unless noted.
The editors of Constructech, along with the award ambassador and a panel of judges, evaluate the entries. The judges evaluate each woman, and the panel will determine the winners based on established criteria of the judging panel.
Constructech magazine will contact the person(s) named in the entry by either phone or email. Each entrant is asked to provide individual email addresses and phone numbers to make direct contact.
Constructech magazine will issue a press release, publish an article announcing the winner and any additional winners, and post the company names on its Website.
Yes. All winners are encouraged to send out a press release as the winners are announced. The magazine will grant quotes to a winner for use in their press releases. Constructech requires approval of all press releases containing information and/or quotes pertaining to and/or promotion about its awards program.

Winners of the first annual Women Heavy Equipment Operator Awards will be announced in the Spring-19 issue of Constructech.

All questions should be directed to Laura Black at +1 630.933.0844 x252, or via email at