Below, please find the winners of the 2014 Constructech Vision Awards.

Award 2014 WinnerProfile
OHL-FCC Limited Partnership
Builder/GC Commercial $26 million to $100 million
Technology Enabler: Aconex Ltd.

To effectively manage people, information, communications, processes, and documents associated with substantial infrastructure project work, a comprehensive workflow solution addresses processes for document viewing, sharing and tracking, as well as bidding and tendering.

SeamlessCare Inc.
Builder/GC Commercial $26 million to $100 million
Technology Enabler: HTS Inc.

Having to swiftly coordinate delivery and installation of furniture and medical equipment for a sizeable hospital project necessitated replacing cumbersome spreadsheet processes. A Web-based software solution cut costs to prepare rooms for owner acceptance.

Duffey Southeast Inc.
Builder/GC Commercial $26 million to $100 million
Technology Enabler: Citrix Systems, Inc.

Information and collaboration was enhanced through a technology application that boosted connectivity, facilitating file sharing. Photo transfer and email functionality is enhanced, increasing field personnel productivity and assisting project manager decision-making capabilities.
M. J. Harris Construction Services, LLC
Builder/GC Commercial $101 million to $250 million
Technology Enablers: Bluebeam Software, Inc. and Trimble Navigation Limited

A multi-application solution was implemented to attack the many problems identified with managing the exorbitant amount of paperwork on a jobsite. Better document control and maintenance achieved through the process is helping the company become a ""more paperless"" one.
GovanBrown Construction Managers
Builder/GC Commercial $101 million to $250 million
Technology Enabler: Computer Methods International Corp.

Digital imaging technology is enabling the cataloging of many documents, drawings, invoices, specs, and other vital information pertaining to complex construction projects under the company's management. Organizing files in a database is saving time–and paper.
Pepper Construction
Builder/GC Commercial $251 million to $500 million
Technology Enablers: Autodesk Inc. and StratusVue

Within a building information modeling environment, a goal to enhance facility management was addressed through the adoption of a tool to collect and transfer asset data to an owner's computerized maintenance management system.

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
Builder/GC Commercial More than $500 million
Technology Enabler: Autodesk Inc.

A core set of configurations promoting consistent safety and quality processes was adopted across the organization. Administrative paperwork was reduced and reporting processes eased through the project-level program driven by field tools to support analysis and action.
Parsons Corporation
Builder/GC Commercial More than $500 million
Technology Enabler: Aconex Ltd.

A document-management system to support of a large numbers of users across organizational boundaries and maintain an audit trail of discussions, decisions, and actions for complex engineering project work was achieved with a workflow management solution.

Hoar Construction, LLC.
Builder/GC Commercial More than $500 million
Technology Enablers: Assemble Systems, Autodesk Inc., and Trimble Navigation Limited

To better respond to clients, a challenge to improve estimating and preconstruction processes was met through the implementation of a true model-based approach drawing on building information modeling technology, or virtual design and construction.
Webcor Builders
Builder/GC Commercial More than $500 million
Technology Enabler: Trimble Navigation Limited

Improved access to historical project cost data helps set informed target values early on, thereby reducing budget risk. A modern analysis tool helps this builder identify systems with the greatest range of costs and significant percentage of budget.
Portrait Homes
Builder/GC Residential $26 million to $100 million
Technology Enablers: Avid Ratings Co., BuilderMT, Fully Managed Inc., Sage Software, Inc., Sales Simplicity Software, Service Software, LLC

New servers, workstations, and standardized operating system and application platforms were introduced in relocating headquarters, achieving a dedicated purpose-built IT environment. The infrastructure overhaul introduced labor savings and increased efficiencies in all departments.
Eastwood Homes
Builder/GC Residential $101 million to $250 million
Technology Enabler: BuilderMT

By adopting a new automated accounting system, a homebuilder set out to improve processing power as applied to multiple divisions, and consolidate data to meet GAP requirements. The ability to track margins and access timely reports are benefits identified.
Turner Industries
Corporate Owner: Industrial/Mfg.
Reporting on project execution is critical for this industrial construction and maintenance enterprise. Recognizing the opportunity for competitive advantage through mobile and wireless technology, the company conceived an innovative solution for data capture in near realtime.

Dreamscapes By Dennis, Inc.
Corporate Owner: Landscaping
Technology Enabler: To-Scale Software, LLC

Time-consuming estimating efforts were addressed with technology to compress the period to produce material quantities estimates for land- and hardscape bids. Achievements in accuracy has prevented over purchase of inventories, keeping costs down.
Rio Tinto
Corporate Owner: Mining
Technology Enabler: Aconex Ltd.

Complex mine remediation involving many contractors and additional stakeholders needing access to project documents in a secure manner called for an efficient way to manage documents and automate workflows. System implementation has enhanced collaboration and continuity.

Corporate Owner: Retail/Chain
Technology Enabler: Systemates, Inc.

The need to streamline approvals while simultaneously providing better oversight and accountability for a retailer building project financials was addressed through online construction management software to improve the quality of delivery of new store locations.
AUI Inc.
Technology Enabler: Computer Guidance Corporation

Diverse documentation for applications ranging from business performance and job analysis, to maintaining records to help this heavy/highway contractor meet regulatory compliance requirements was simplified, improving efficiency and supporting decision-making processes.
Technology Enabler: Bluebeam Software, Inc.

Shaving project schedule time was achieved through integration of a Windows-based mobility solution optimized for construction workflows. A cloud-based solution for collaboration allows secure management of projects remotely using a range of digital devices.
BRB Contractors, Inc.
Technology Enabler: Computer Guidance Corporation

Migrating to a cloud-based enterprise resource planning system to manage construction system information saved maintenance, management, and hardware costs, and expanded access to new applications, such as business intelligence and analytics.
Klorman Construction
Specialty Contractor: Concrete Work
Technology Enabler: Trimble Navigation Limited

To improve quality control, automation was tapped to collect exact geometry and measurements of a project's as-built conditions, and transferring the data to a BIM of the structure as designed to examine construction tolerances and variations.
Rosendin Electric, Inc.
Specialty Contractor: Electrical Work
Technology Enabler: Autodesk Inc.

Responding to a request to streamline preconstruction planning for field personnel ordering materials, equipment, and tools for construction site operations, an app developed in-house is leveraging existing document repository programs and field tablet technology.

K2 Industrial, Inc.
Specialty Contractor: Industrial Coatings
Technology Enabler: Penta Technologies, Inc.

Numerous operating companies and lines of business demand an extensive architecture to support financial and operations software. Mobile application servers, business analytics/data warehousing servers, and a myriad of specialized business software productivity tools figure into a scalable, robust solution.
Specialty Contractor: Mechanical
Technology Enabler: Penta Technologies, Inc.

Applying technology to collect time, material, and equipment data from service technicians at customer sites has tightened the billing cycle for this mechanical specialty contractor, while advancements in on-site capabilities to assess equipment and worksite history are boosting customer service.
R. Roe Painting Company
Specialty Contractor: Painting and Paper Hanging
Technology Enabler: To-Scale Software, LLC

A construction market boom meant increased bid opportunities. To seize these without adding overhead costs, a software implementation has allowed for time-saving bids, enabling greater bid activity while maintaining accuracy without hiring additional personnel.
Andrews & Foster Drilling Company
Specialty Contractor: Water Well Drilling
Technology Enabler: Thrive Fast

Streamlining information collecting and reporting processes for busy field teams engaged in drilling and related operations has ""opened up"" communications, and raised the receipt rate of daily reports to 100 percent.
Kaiser Permanente
Team Award
Technology Partners: HTS Inc., AECOM, Autodesk Inc., HOK, McCarthy Building Companies, Inc., Profitable Solutions Institute, Inc.

To support the effective deployment of construction resources in hospital construction projects, a comprehensive team strategy is facilitated through state- of-the-art "intelligent" construction management, field management, and field BIM tools and technologies.