Thank you! We appreciate the opportunity to use this to promote our safety consulting division and the agency.

Gary Glader, President,
Horton Safety Consultants

Thanks very much for inviting me and turning this around so quickly.  Greatly appreciated.

Tim McManus, Vice President – Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice,
McKinsey & Company

Thank you. I also enjoyed the time speaking with Peggy.
I look forward to speaking with Constructech TV in the future.


Dave Crosson, Division Operations Officer and Senior Vice President,
HNTB Corp.

Thank you again for having me 🙂

Kristina Swallow, President,
American Society of Civil Engineers

Peggy, you’re a very good interviewer. I really like the pace of the conversation…


Stuart BinstockPresident & CEO,
Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA)

Thank you for sending the link. I thought the program went well and was informative.

Scott Clark, Executive Director for Technology and CIO,
Town of Chapel Hill, NC

Thanks to everyone there for a lovely conversation, I look forward to engaging again in the future.

Jeffrey F. RhoadsDirector of Practice,
MEERCat Purdue

Great interview. I’m glad we could finally put this together—and the result, I believe is fantastic!
My thanks to you and Peggy for your help with sharing the City of San Diego’s energy and sustainability efforts.

Paul Brencick Sr., Marketing Communications Program Manager,
Greater San Diego Area

Thank you Peggy! It was a pleasure to be on the show and I hope to come back again to share new tech and tools we’re using.

Hitesh Dewan, Operations Technology Manager,
XL Construction

It was a lot of fun and thank for having me on;  would love to do it again sometime!

Lisa Pickell, Chief Operating Officer,
Orren Pickell Building Group

I had a great time and really enjoyed meeting the team.

Thad M. Lutgens, Director of Equipment and IT,
LPR Construction

This is

Sotiris Bantas, Ph.D.
President & CEO, Centaur

Thank you very much Peggy!
You are a good interviewer!

Mayor Richard Irvin
Aurora Illinois