Software and systems have become normal in construction company offices. All too often, however, these add-on solutions are, well, just added on and not integrated with the other main components. Advanced integration enables users to validate quality and avoid rework, two important reasons for having systems to begin with.

Sensera Systems has partnered with Reconstruct, a provider of advanced progress reporting and risk management for construction projects and with that partnership comes systems integration that users will benefit from through increased productivity and improved collaboration.

For example, restrictions and regulations often prohibit the use of drone flights over construction sites, making it challenging for project managers to collect vital site imagery. This obstacle has been addressed through the combination of Sensera’s crane mounted cameras and Reconstruct’s “Visual Command Center,” which provides construction project stakeholders an integrated view of progress, productivity, and schedule risk. The combination seamlessly provides 3D overlays, analysis, detection, and insights.

The integration allows for the automatic push of captured images from Sensera’s cloud platform into Reconstruct’s system, requiring no user involvement. Reconstruct transforms these site images into point clouds, where drawings can then be aligned and overlaid against photos. This helps validate quality and avoid rework. The integration fosters collaboration, progress, and safety.

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