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Investment Impacts Builders

Jakob Tornqvist, vice president of professional services, HomeFront Software,, Calgary, Alta., offers advice to homebuilders looking to invest in technology.

By | 12/1/2015|

2016 Investment Strategies

Jeremy Foster, CMO, NoteVault,, San Diego, Calif., helps construction companies identify where to spend IT dollars in 2016 and the ultimate impact on IT spending for the construction industry.

By | 11/3/2015|

Invest in Lean, Collaboration

Ian Howell, CEO, Newforma,, Manchester, N.H., identifies where contractors should spend IT dollars in the year ahead and factors driving construction companies to invest.

By | 11/3/2015|

Investing as Tech Evolves

Cecilia Padilla, president, On Center Software,, The Woodlands, Texas, talks about how the natural evolution of technology will impact the construction industry.

By | 11/3/2015|

Making a Sound Investment

Ed Coffin, low-voltage product manager, senior technical advisor, ConEst Software Systems,, Manchester, N.H., gives his thoughts on what is driving contractors to invest.

By | 11/3/2015|

Investing in Mobility

Jeremy Larsen, senior product manager, Viewpoint Construction Software,, Portland, Ore., discusses how mobility and the next-gen workforce will impact construction.

By | 11/3/2015|

Investing in Custom Tech

DeWayne Adamson, president and CEO, Pantera Global Technology,, Pleasant Prairie, Wis., identifies some common factors that are driving construction companies to invest in new technology.

By | 11/3/2015|

Scheduling on Time

Today almost every worker has a smartphone, which is a great opportunity for construction companies to implement mobile time tracking and scheduling.

By | 5/1/2015|

Helping Estimators and Project Managers Since 1988

In the construction market, there is stiff competition between contractors when bidding for jobs.

By | 7/11/2014|

A Collaborative Approach

For construction companies, being able to share data across a project and collaborate using that same set of data minimizes risks and increases visibility across a project.

By | 7/11/2014|