Top Products Award 20

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McNeilus FLEX Controls

Commercial and Residential

McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing

524 East Highway Street
Dodge Center, MN 55927-9024

Data Drives Mixers

Technology is advancing, helping avoid inconsistencies in operating the truck and mixing concrete and taking the guesswork out of loading, mixing, and delivering concrete by automatically controlling truck functions. McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing offers McNeilus FLEX Controls, a control system for concrete mixers trucks. With one issued patent and more on the way, this product is constantly evolving, offering complete mixer monitoring, diagnostics, and troubleshooting in one screen. FLEX Controls is fully integrated into the mixer body so it can send mixer data to the driver through pressure readings, status icons, and error splash screens to help keep the truck running efficiently. Features like Constant Speed and Auto Load can save on fuel costs and run the mixer efficiently, reducing the stress on the vehicle.

“Data drives the jobsite, and McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing demonstrates how its FLEX Controls can improve loading, mixing, and delivery of concrete by automatically controlling truck functions. ” —Peggy Smedley