Top Products Award 20

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mccormick systems

Design Estimating Pro

Commercial and Residential

McCormick Systems

149 West Boston St.
Chandler, AZ 85225

Digital Takeoff, Evolved

McCormick Systems has taken digital takeoff and estimating to a whole new level with its Design Estimating Pro. The newest release of version 14.1 has many features within it that are patent pending. With the technology, contractors can upload PDF building plans into the estimating software, set a customizable scale, then measure, count, and design directly on to the PDF drawing. The company continues to enhance the product as well, adding a new patent-pending tool called Home Run Feature, which allows contractors to create an end point such as a panel or data room on a PDF drawing. The end result? It will cut estimating time by at least half and give the contractor a more accurate bid. A new patent-pending Routing Feature also allows contractors to draw a specific route on the PDF for the homeruns to follow.

“One area where contractors can cut labor hours and cost of materials is with the takeoff. McCormick Systems has done a great job of offering completely integrated digital takeoff and estimating.” —Peggy Smedley