Top Products Award 20

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14142 Denver West Parkway
Lakewood, CO 80401

Bridging Builders and Manufacturers

Technology can help create relationships between builders and building product manufacturers through the power of data. Case in point: HomeSphere-IQ from HomeSphere, which creates a wide support network in the industry. The technology provides a single source for installed home product data, giving building product manufacturer customers transparency into where, when, and how the products are being used. Building on the technology, this past fall, HomeSphere added a robust new set of features to HomeSphere-IQ, including tools specifically built for manufacturer finance and marketing teams. Users now have access to financial, sales, and marketing tools, as well as demographics on builders and a deep dive into reports.

“HomeSphere-IQ builds a bridge between builders and building product manufacturers, creating much-needed collaboration. Builders can now connect directly to the source of the products.” —Peggy Smedley