Top Products Award 20

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PROFIS Engineering Suite



7250 Dallas Parkway Suite 1000
Plano, Texas 75024

Anchor Design

PROFIS Engineering is latest generation of anchor design software from Hilti. The cloud-based software combines anchor and base plate design and analysis, helping engineers reduce design time with automatic load transfers from structural analysis software such as SAP2000, and multiple load combination processing. It offers advanced reporting, BIM/CAD exporting, notification, template creation, file sharing, and more. Here’s what makes this so unique: users can input loads into their design by leveraging a new Load Engine that includes the ability to import spreadsheets of factored load output or the software can do the factoring by selecting applicable IBC load combinations. The benefit is less duplication, better collaboration, increased productivity and more accurate designs.

“Hilti has proven innovative with its new PROFIS Engineering Suite. The technology helps engineers and specifiers reduce design time with automatic load transfers and multiple load combination processing.” —Peggy Smedley