Top Products Award 20

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GCP Apllied Technologies

CLARENA RC 40 returned
concrete management solution


GCP Applied Technologies

62 Whittemore Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

Mixing up Waste

Today, there is a big opportunity to reduce concrete waste and receive additional revenue. To help, GCP Applied Technologies has developed CLARENA RC 40 additive, which is an environmentally friendly solution to recycle and reuse plastic returned concrete. Here’s how it works: When added to plastic concrete, it turns the concrete into granular material that can be used as a partial replacement for virgin aggregate in fresh concrete or used as a high-quality road base or compacted fill material. The result is high quality, recycled aggregate that ready-mix manufacturers can reuse, offering both economic and environmental benefits. What makes this product unique is a bagged additive specifically designed to convert concrete to a granular form that can then be reused to partially replace coarse and fine aggregate in concrete or as base/sub-based material.

“Concrete is one of the most used construction materials. CLARENA RC 40 additive is an innovative way to reduce waste, help the environment, and save firms money. Now that’s a mix anyone can support.” —Peggy Smedley