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Continental Tire

ContiConnect Yard

Commercial and Residential


1830 MacMillian Park Dr.
Fort Mill, SC 29707

Your Tires, Connected

ContiConnect Yard enables Continental to make even greater strides for construction companies to monitor every tire on every vehicle wirelessly—at the same time—both before leaving the fleet yard each day and again when the trucks return at night. Digital sensors give accurate readings of tire pressure and temperature, which eliminates the need for manual tire pressure checks, while also identifying punctures and creeping air loss before they would typically be noticed. The technology monitors the tires and displays the data in a mobile-friendly web portal. Workers can also receive text messages and email alerts to ensure the right people are notified to take action if a tire has low pressure or high temperature. This offers big benefits: reduced roadside calls, extended tire life, reduced tire-related maintenance, and increased likelihood of retreading.

“ContiConnect Yard is providing intelligence in tires by wirelessly monitoring the temperature and pressure, enabling construction firms to extend the life of their tires. The data is also available in a web portal.” —Peggy Smedley