Top Products Award 20

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Command Alkon

TrackIt 3P


Command Alkon

1800 Intl. Park Dr.
Birmingham, AL

Fleets, Simplified

Today Command Alkon’s TrackIt 3P manages and tracks third-party trucks, distributing driver workflow through an app. The technology provides visibility into material deliveries and digital processes for ticketing, invoicing, and hauler payments for trucks. Here are the benefits: know what drivers are doing and measure performance of hauling activities; extend the analysis to third-party haulers; monitor driver performance; identify issues like late deliveries in advance; and proactively manage customer service. It eliminates paper in backoffice operations, enabling firms to capture data and insights in realtime and coordinating AR and AP functions across all trading partners. What makes this product unique is integrating all the trucks back into the Command Alkon dispatch, which allows dispatchers to blur the lines.

“Good fleet management and telematics can fundamentally change the way you leverage data. Command Alkon’s TrackIt 3P is the solution needed to manage and track third-party trucks all through an app.” —Peggy Smedley