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Collaboration Tool for the Last Planner

Today’s construction professional needs a new method to execute the Last Planner System and a construction collaboration tool to finish projects ahead of schedule. Enter Touchplan, a software product and spin-off from MOCA Systems.

The web-based tool enables project teams to start with a schedule, pull in key milestones, then define the plan to be clear about the work. Next, the tool automatically creates daily and weekly look ahead plans to prepare for what comes next. Then the entire construction team can commit to the plan and identify key learning to continuously improve. Touchplan’s interface and SaaS implementation make it easy to get up and running, even in the middle of a project. The digitized plan enhances transparency and accountability, enabling project teams and organizations to plan better and build faster.

“Get rid of the sticky notes. Touchplan allows construction professionals to digitize the schedule, enabling a more modern way to plan the project.” -Constructech editors