Cobalt Series Cameras



1777 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd
Atlanta, GA 30318

Recreating the Jobsite Camera

Always on the edge of innovation, OxBlue’s Cobalt Series Cameras are engineered from the ground up to give construction professionals what matters most on projects—clear images and HD video. The cameras have rugged enclosures, intelligent circuitry, and optical clarity.

The Cobalt Series has several unique features as well. With industrial grade 4G LTE and dual antennas, it offers video on demand for fixed-position cameras. With extended solar capabilities, the new series has a 50% power reach increase. The series of cameras also has an enhanced field of view and immediate notification, with onboard backup batteries to sustain power and alert when there is a loss of power at the jobsite. Finally, universal mounts allow the cameras to attach to poles, walls, and other flat surfaces.

“Jobsite cameras need to be intelligent, durable, and able to capture data in a way that works for owners, contractors, and
developers. OxBlue’s Cobalt Series delivers technology that is built for the construction industry.” -Constructech editors