VERIFI In-transit Concrete Management


GCP Applied Technologies

62 Whittemore Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

Putting Data Behind Concrete

For construction professionals looking to monitor, measure, and manage concrete properties in transit, GCP Applied Technologies’ VERIFI in-transit concrete management system uses smart sensors to measure slump and a fluid control system to manage slump with admixture or water during the delivery process and arrives on the jobsite on target and in spec.

The system sends this slump and fluid data to the cloud along with concrete temperature, drum speed, and truck location, providing visibility into the delivery cycle. With this system in hand, construction professionals can use less material, optimize their fleet, and reduce cycle times. Contractors can manage jobsite schedules, saving time and labor costs. The consistent slump means fewer rejected loads and less idle time, which leads to faster and higher quality construction.

“GCP Applied Technologies’ VERIFI in-transit concrete management system changes the game for materials management. A combination of material-management improvement and enhanced efficiency is transforming the industry.” -Constructech editors