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ERP: Offering Homebuilder Insights

For residential homebuilders, ERP (enterprise-resource planning) technology is ensuring more successful project delivery. ECi Software Solutions’ MarkSystems enables builders to manage every aspect of homebuilding including accounting, estimating, reporting, land development, purchasing, customer service, and more.

The beauty is it also delivers backoffice and field operations to every person in the building process. Scheduling and budgeting changes are also available in realtime, and automatically repopulate to reflect new, realistic timelines and budgets. Built on a single database, the platform integrates all aspects of the building process. The technology enables homebuilders to improve profitability, helping builders to grow their businesses and service their clients better.

“Homebuilders looking to maximize efficiency should look no further than ECi Software Solutions’ MarkSystems, which enables teams to manage projects from start to finish.” -Constructech editors