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A Concept for the Ages

Salma (AI) is a concept to take note of—as this is the type of innovation that is coming. The product allows for cash flow and earned value analysis against a live forecast and a schedule.

The system will be able to do dynamic schedule analysis to address various schedule accuracies and efficiencies, provide automated personalized report packages, analyzing all project schedules to date, and provide deep analysis of labor data, complementing schedule forensics.

Further, the product will have a very unique AskSalma feature that will give construction professionals insight into how the project is doing. AI is an emerging technology and trend to watch in the months ahead. This is the future of technology in the construction industry—and a concept to keep an eye on.

“How’s your project doing? Just AskSalma! This concept product is exactly what construction needs to complete more profitable projects on time.” -Constructech editors