Grid Time Entry


Austin Lane Technologies

421 E Hickory St.
Denton, TX 76201

Mobile Crew at the Jobsite

The construction end-user experience is essential when implementing new technologies in the construction industry—especially when implementing mobile solutions at the construction jobsite. Austin Lane Technologies, Inc., is one that has provided its ALMobile software to the construction industry for years—and now the company has come to market with a new product that combines grid-style information capture and at-a-glance reporting.

The company’s new Grid Time Entry gives construction professionals the ability to enter the entire crew’s time, while additionally being able to see all the key information on one screen with fewer taps. The new product truly keeps in mind the end-user experience and has been well received by many of the early adopters of this mobile construction technology.

“Grid Time Entry takes ease of use to a whole new level, giving construction professionals the mobile technology necessary to capture and analyze data at the jobsite.” -Constructech editors