Project Management

Systemates Inc.

2435 N. Central Expressway
Richardson, TX 75080

Better Construction Program Management

With a single platform, construction professionals and related parties can collaborate more effectively. Projectmates from Systemates offers this, with modules capable of addressing the entire program lifecycle. The construction program management software has 40 workflow tools that address every facet of the lifecycle. This includes the ability to share documents and drawings, automate cost and budget management, and generate executive-level reports. By assigning users to a role-based access system, Projectmates simplifies the experience, while also facilitating a highly secure workflow where project participants can access critical functionalities based on their role. The most recent release of the technology includes a native mobile app, new features to compliment email notification, and smartwatch notifications. Further, the features are available anytime and anywhere, enabling executives to make well-informed decisions regarding construction management. The company is also advancing the software with two-factor authentication, which shows the product continues to remain innovative and secure.

“Projectmates understands construction and continues to innovate with new tools, features, and security, enabling users to manage the entire program lifecycle in one location.” -Constructech editors