eCMS v.4.1


Computer Guidance

14624 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Bringing the Intelligence

Business intelligence is essential for businesses to thrive in the year ahead. Computer Guidance recognizes this and has built upon this need with its eCMS v.4.1 product. The integrated ERP (enterprise-resource planning) software manages financials, projects, and operations. In the past year, the product expanded to include IDI (interactive data inquiry), which enables data mining, business intelligence reporting, and dashboard capability built-in. This enables construction professionals to leverage the data that is housed within the software. eCMS fully integrates with third-party BI solutions and has the capability to delivery mission-critical data in innovative views, dashboards, and reports. It also has the capability to offer in-depth analytics through drill-downs and a variety of data mining and analytics features. Further, the application now works with eMail to easily archive and work with email content, files, and attachments. This product increases efficiency and productivity and harnesses massive amounts of data generated daily. The end result is a project that is completed on time and on budget.

“Business intelligence is the key to success in 2018. eCMS v.4.1 from Computer Guidance offers advanced capabilities to leverage this data in a way that is meaningful.” -Constructech editors