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When it comes to positioning technology, Topcon Positioning Systems has it covered, as it specializes in data aggregation solutions that benefit construction companies, among other industries. The company’s mission is to help grow its customers’ business.

Even more, it recognizes that with 9 billion people expected to be on the plant by 2030, there’s a lot of work to be done, building houses, roads, and utilities. With more than 2,000 employees dedicated to creating technologies, scientists in Topcon’s research labs are constantly vigilant to develop innovative solutions to help address the challenges that currently exist in the construction industry.

To help, Topcon Positioning Systems has a complete line of solutions that include 3D excavator systems, 3D dozer systems, milling systems, integrated GNSS receivers, robotic total stations, software, aerial mapping, field controllers, lasers, remote management tools, and more.

In recent months, Topcon has been making some pretty big moves such as the April acquisition of Viasys VDC holdings, an innovative infrastructure construction software development company in Finland. The company also continues to advance its machine control systems, introduce new total station series and laser series for greater accuracy, and partner with companies such as Autodesk and Bentley Systems to include expanded integration.

The company combines technology innovation to help construction businesses work faster and be prepared to scale. It also brings this to its support capabilities.

Topcon customers have the option to upgrade to myTopcon, which provides direct access to online training, firmware and software updates, and more—all on a mobile-friendly site that construction workers can access in the field.

In general, the technology company believes that the industry can no longer talk about individual products when discussing technology. Rather, the entire workflow needs to be considered, which includes everything from drones, to machine control and mobile mapping, and beyond.

Topcon Positioning Systems recognizes that technology is changing at a rapid pace, and it is delivering both the vision and the technology solutions to help the construction industry succeed.

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