The use of tilt-wall construction for commercial and industrial buildings has grown considerably throughout the past decades. While innovative and rapid in putting up the primary external structure, tilt walls still obey the laws of Murphey: they settle just like site-poured walls.

Olshan Foundation Solutions, a foundation repair company founded in 1933, recently secured rights to install a newly patented technology that reduces the cost and complexity of repairing sunken concrete tilt wall buildings. Sunken or settling tilt wall buildings not only pose a direct safety risk but may also lead to other dangerous and expensive structural repairs and internal system failures.

Before Olshan brought this newly invented repair method to market, the best that property owners and engineers could hope for was to stabilize sunken tilt walls in place as there was no way to both stop the settlement and safely lift the wall back to its original elevation.

Tilt wall repairs were incomplete and stop-gap at best. This new approach brings owners of tilt wall structures a new reliability. Business owners save time and money by avoiding the cost and disruption of full replacement and providing a solution that brings the building back to its original construction elevation in a safe manner.

Historically, tilt walls have been subject to the same forces that cause conventional home and business foundations to settle and lose their load-bearing capability. All kinds of weather, site, and soil conditions—plus variances in original construction practices—can compromise the durability of tilt walls. Older repair methods, such as drilled piers or separate installed piles, are often subject to lateral shifting and subsequent structural failure. Olshan’s U.S. patented repair technology eliminates these risks in one integrated process.

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