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Spreadsheets, Forecasting, and the Productivity Problem in Construction

As practitioners in the industry know far too well, construction has a productivity problem—fueled by a high proportion of projects coming in over budget and behind schedule.


Project Leadership through Project Management

The implementation of construction-management best practices is critical to good leadership. While the construction industry is replete with academic best practices, the sad reality is that the prevailing best practices in the industry are reactive and responsive to case law.


How Owners Can Get the Most Out of Construction Technology

When commissioning a project, it can be challenging to select a winning bid. You want a fair price, but can’t afford to sacrifice quality, either. As more contractors are incorporating technology in their processes, the use of digital tools is an increasingly important differentiator.


New Technology for Recycling Returned Concrete

Concrete is the world’s most used construction material. It is used to construct homes, schools, offices, roads, runways, tunnels, and bridges and so much more. However, it has a large carbon footprint and waste concrete has become a major problem.


Harnessing the Power of SST

Every year provides an opportunity to change business processes and technology within an organization. Business is moving faster than ever. We’re in a boom time for innovation in every sector.


ERP Technologies Continue to Transform the Residential Construction Industry

Despite the steady increase in starts and new home sales since 2011 and the burgeoning millennial market for new residential construction, it’s too early to predict the health of the market in 2019. But, the affordability and availability of more powerful and better integrated residential construction enterprise-resource management software solutions level the playing field for smaller builders to compete against larger players.


Coming Out of the Slowdown Better than Ever

If you’re heading to IBS 2019 with a little more apprehension than last year, you’re not alone. Many businesses are feeling a little sluggish. Slowing sales, cost challenges, and lowered pricing are tempering past optimism. We can approach this time with fear, or we can see the relative slowdown as a time for introspection and planning.


Better Project Management Starts with Better Communication

It is not news to you that any construction project starts and ends with one thing: your customers. We have said it before, and we will stay it again: no matter what you are building, it is critical for you to create a positive building experience for your customer. And, what is at the forefront of creating this positive building experience? Good communication.


The Importance of Jobsite Intelligence and Automating Data Collection

For chief operating officers, operation managers, and project managers, the performance of field personnel and their productivity is crucial. Therefore, the need for realtime jobsite intelligence and an accurate decision-support tool remains at the forefront.


More with Less… with ERP Digital Transformation

If the recession taught us one thing, it was how to do more with less in a time when there were no other options. But even after the economic comeback, companies across the country and across every industry are doing their best to make that mantra permanent. What’s fueling the fire? Digital transformation with ERP (enterprise-resource planning) software.