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Coming Out of the Slowdown Better than Ever

If you’re heading to IBS 2019 with a little more apprehension than last year, you’re not alone. Many businesses are feeling a little sluggish. Slowing sales, cost challenges, and lowered pricing are tempering past optimism. We can approach this time with fear, or we can see the relative slowdown as a time for introspection and planning.


Better Project Management Starts with Better Communication

It is not news to you that any construction project starts and ends with one thing: your customers. We have said it before, and we will stay it again: no matter what you are building, it is critical for you to create a positive building experience for your customer. And, what is at the forefront of creating this positive building experience? Good communication.


More with Less… with ERP Digital Transformation

If the recession taught us one thing, it was how to do more with less in a time when there were no other options. But even after the economic comeback, companies across the country and across every industry are doing their best to make that mantra permanent. What’s fueling the fire? Digital transformation with ERP (enterprise-resource planning) software.


How to Effectively Improve Project Administration

For any construction project, big or small, it’s critical to keep the project moving forward. That means having the ability to effectively manage contracts and changes that occur during the lifecycle of a project. To ensure a successful project, an organization should commit to integrating field and backoffice activities to enhance their project administration.


If You Can Measure It, You Can Improve It

Accepted practices to ensure concrete quality costs producers in both time and materials, and these practices fail to provide the information needed to ensure quality and avert risk.


How “A Single Source of Truth” Drives Project Success

When it comes to project documentation, you’ll hear the term “single source of truth” tossed around quite a bit. But, what does that really mean for your projects? Let me run through a handful of the tangible benefits to having a single source of truth for your project documentation.


Five Technologies that Can Help Reduce Claims

When discussing technology and risk, the focus is often on the increased exposures a company faces when implementing or utilizing technology. Take for instance the liability that can come with a drone taking photos. Sure, those exposures exist, but the positive uses of today’s technology far outweigh the risks and when employed strategically, technology can play an integral role in your construction company’s risk management program.


Creating Smart Communities in Southern California

Today’s communities, from residential and commercial to municipalities, are increasingly managed by professional property management firms. In the U.S. alone, 21% of the population lives within a homeowners’ association, with 50,000 community managers responsible for managing properties. These community management firms all face a common dilemma: providing amenities that residents want, such as pools and tennis courts, while efficiently managing the properties to conserve energy and utilities.


Fleet Smarts: IoT Connectivity for Heavy Equipment

One of the biggest challenges contractors face is getting the most out of every dollar invested in heavy equipment. Measuring fleet utilization has always been a tricky science, but the more precisely a business can track each machine’s contributions to their bottomline, the better their return on equipment investments will be.