Let’s talk security in construction for a moment—because it impacts every single worker in the construction industry. If you think cybersecurity isn’t your business, you are wrong. It is, and you need to be prepared.

Let’s take a deeper dive for a minute into a couple of reports. The Symantec 2019 Internet Security Threat Report has some interesting conclusions. Listen up. Ransomware has now shifted from targeting consumers to enterprises, where infections rose 12%. Also, more than 70 million records were stolen from poorly configured S3 buckets, a casualty of cloud adoption, while supply chains remained a soft target with attacks ballooning by 78%.

The general takeaway here? Businesses need to watch out. Cyber criminals are coming, if they haven’t already, and construction companies need to be prepared.

Peggy Smedley recently sat down Jaishree Subramania, senior director of product marketing, Azure, Microsoft, on The Peggy Smedley Show to talk about this very challenge, and its recent research. The bottomline here is that the adoption of IoT (Internet of Things) is taking off in many industries, but nearly all (97%) have security concerns. Even more, 47% say there are not enough available skilled workers. If you haven’t had a chance to take a listen to the interview, I encourage you to now, as there were a number of big takeaways on how to address the challenges the industry faces today.

Perhaps one of the biggest tips is to put a plan in place. If your construction company is hacked or if a natural disaster strikes and your systems go down, do you have a security plan in place? If not, that is the first step. Create a strategy for how to address the growing cyber threats that are out there.

This will be a topic that will be explored in depth at the Constructech Technology Days event, which will take place at the DoubleTree by Hilton Chicago in Arlington Heights, IL. Experts will discuss what your company needs to know to develop a security plan. They will also dig into new, emerging topics like blockchain, giving construction professionals all the details to conquer cyber threat today.

What are your thoughts? What steps do we need to take to address cyber concerns today to prepare for a more secure tomorrow?

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Laura Black
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