Every construction company has the same ultimate goal—to build quality projects on time and on budget. As such, finding ways to save money using technology becomes key for many construction companies.

In order to help construction companies save money using technology, Citrix ShareFile, www.citrix.com, Raleigh, N.C., is aiming to help get specs, drawings, and projects updated from anywhere 24/7 and share bid packages and collaborate on projects better by syncing files.

The company recently unveiled a new eBook that will help construction companies discover the five ways to save money using Citrix ShareFile. Read more here.

For the construction industry, being able to save time and labor expenses can be a huge value add. What’s more, the hidden costs of using outdated, inefficient methods can hurt a construction company’s bottomline.

In particular, the topic of file sharing is one that has gained momentum in recent years, as the technology is advancing, giving the industry an easier way to manage documents.

Companies such as Citrix, and others, have focused on providing technology for construction that can eliminate high print costs and the time consuming process of sending and receiving documents, ultimately resulting in savings of both time and money.

Consider the case of Swinerton Builders, www.swinerton.com, San Francisco, Calif. For this construction company, the ability to upload and sync files from a ShareFile account with SmartBidNet during the preconstruction phase saves estimators and project managers from the types of file transfer errors that can delay projects once they are started.

While this is simply one example of a construction company that is seeing real value from the technology, there are others that are also using solutions to store, distribute, and share documents. Citrix ShareFile’s five ways construction companies can save money just might hold the secret many construction companies have been waiting for to improve collaboration using file-sharing technology.

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