Predictions indicate the smart-cities market will continue to grow significantly through 2023—from roughly $308 billion in 2018 to roughly $717.2 billion by 2023, according to MarketsandMarkets—due to a surge in population growth and the need for more communications infrastructure.

As this trend continues, construction companies will be tasked with building smart cities—everything from the skyscrapers to the roads and the transportation systems. This high-tech urban environment necessitates a new set of requirements on projects—and many construction companies are already responding.

For example, PCL Construction is a group of independent construction companies that does work in civil infrastructure, heavy industrial, and building markets and it is tapping into the data provided by CopperTree Analytics to deliver smart building technology—and finding unique benefits and opportunities. The construction organization recognizes that the demand for smart buildings is only growing and it is looking to technology such as the IoT (Internet of Things), data analytics, and more to improve the construction and commissioning process.

With the help of CopperTree, it is providing building data analytics, energy management, and monitoring-based commissioning technologies and services that are embedded into both new construction and retrofit building projects throughout North America.

By embedding data and analytics services into new and existing buildings during the construction process—and continuing delivery through commissioning and into the operational years—project owners, operators, and occupants will see an improved occupant experience, reduced energy consumption, and streamlined maintenance.

At the same time, the construction company is able to provide better service to the client, helping differentiate itself, while also improving lean construction and heightening productivity and quality.

For those who are interested in leveraging smart-city solutions, but aren’t quite sure where to start, construction companies and cities can turn to third parties for support in becoming smart city-ready. The time is now to look at how to deliver smart cities and infrastructure for the future.

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