When it’s time to invest in technology for your construction project, it’s essential to focus on product benefits, rather than features. Features, as we all know, can create genuine interest and “sex-appeal,” and can even be revolutionary. But a quote I heard a few years ago sets the stage perfectly: “Innovation is rewarded … execution is worshiped.”

In other words, you can innovate all day long but if it doesn’t create real benefits for those in the trenches, what’s the point? At OxBlue, we would like to think we epitomize that very sentiment. After all, what good is innovation if it doesn’t sincerely help you do your job … and make everyone else’s job easier in the process?

Having been in the construction camera business for nearly two decades now, we’ve come to realize that we must answer this critical question from our customers: “Will my team members be able to “execute” this technology in a way that is beneficial in the trenches … and solve my immediate problem?”

Technology as a whole, through process and automation, collects huge amounts of potentially useful data. Project-management systems collect thousands of communications; AI (artificial intelligence) can produce vast amounts of analysis; and construction cameras can document virtually every moment of construction.

For example, at OxBlue, we capture massive amounts of images and video, and we do it 24/7/365. And this data is well more than 1,000 terabytes of visual data that is live and available to our clients anywhere, at any time, from any device.

Impressive innovation, right?! Well, that depends.

This is huge when it comes to documenting and managing a construction project. But what about the super who needs to report daily progress? And the PM that needs to clearly communicate a potentially limiting issue? And how will the architect, who is off site, understand progress when making needed revisions? How will the investor, who needs to understand overall progress up to a very specific date, encourage his stakeholders?

Summarizing daily progress, locating the correct image with a few clicks, and daily updates through time-lapse are innovative and executable benefits to ensure that data is presented in a way that is actionable and consumable by everyone.

We are a problem-solving company because we answer the right question: “Is the information you gain something you can translate into consumable data in a way that actually solves your problem?” We help you answer the tough questions from those in the trenches: “What’s in it for me and how will this help me do my job today?” Actionable information that drives better decisions and project success—that’s what we do.

Chandler McCormack is cofounder and CEO at OxBlue and has worked as a civil engineer and land planner for commercial, industrial, and multifamily development projects.

Clay Catinella is director of sales at OxBlue and has a proven track-record of creating successful sales departments in the telecommunications industry.