For chief operating officers, operation managers, and project managers, the performance of field personnel and their productivity is crucial. Therefore, the need for realtime jobsite intelligence and an accurate decision-support tool remains at the forefront.

Organizations need to be as productive, profitable, and decisive as possible, and the easiest way to accomplish this is to invest in technology. In fact, according to a study done by Electrical Contractor, approximately 61% of typical construction projects were shown to be behind schedule, and of those, half were over budget. By investing in technology for your organization, there is tremendous potential to improve quality and reduce costs across all projects.

 A decisive investment in technology for your organization will yield significant results. As mentioned above, one area that many organizations forget to put focus on is field force automation. Capturing field data in realtime by using communication technology, such as tablets and/or smartphones devices, can assist in labor-intensive environments and have major benefits. Not only will you have a managed process in place to gather jobsite intelligence, but you will also increase your chances of staying on budget and on schedule. By doing this, you will save your company tens of thousands of dollars every year, resulting in the ability to be profitable on every project.

When selecting the right mobile software solution, the field’s user experience on a device must be simple and easy to use. Their adoption to the software solution is essential in leveraging technology to improve the collaboration between the jobsite and the home office. It is also imperative that the singular software solution of choice is able to run in a disconnected environment so that the drivers of the organizations, the field personnel, have access to realtime data and productivity rates.

Construction risks and delays must be handled in realtime to meet budgets and forecasts. This means using key performance metrics and comparing them to internal benchmarks. Unless you have data from similar projects or historical data, an organization will not be able to locate trends and address them immediately. Having a solution in place will not only elevate the accuracy of information that is captured but also strengthens communications between the field and home office. When your team feels confident using the software, your workforce productivity and acceptance of the data tracking technology will increase.

In conclusion, organizations must select a mobile software solution that is simple to use, accurate, and allows your field management to make the right decisions at the right time by providing intuitive analytics in realtime. Jobsite intelligence is the key to improving the effectiveness of an organization’s business processes. Technology has been proven to be a powerful tool to efficiently keep projects at or under budget. With one powerful tool, your organization will instantly access data on actual, remaining, and budgeted hours. This will help eliminate costly mistakes, cut business costs, and ensure profitability. The sooner you invest in a productivity tracking software that collects the data you need, the better your organization will become.

Austin Beaty is the president and CEO of Austin Lane Technologies, Inc.