The age-old business adage that the customer is king rings true in today’s always-on, always-connected society. For residential builders, this is as evident now as it has ever been, and predictions show analytics and technology are going to be key to driving forward a successful CRM (customer-relationships management) strategy.

Gartner predicts there will be a growing use of IT in customer-experience projects. Even more, it suggests that the drive to improve sales efficiency and effectiveness is now dovetailing with organizational priority for digital optimization, which give application leaders for CRM the opportunity to amplify the impact of efficiency initiatives and demonstrate their business value.

The good news is technology providers are creating new products. As one example, Computer Presentation Systems recently launched an interactive sitemap application to help homebuilders and apartment developers improve the customer experience.

The product, SiteViewer Essentials, allows homebuilders and apartment developers to deliver critical, on-demand home pricing and availability information straight to prospective buyers and renters before they visit a sales or leasing center. Self-service maps are updated in realtime through the builder’s CRM system or admin website. Prospective buyers can also select a specific lot under the Feature Homes option to see the elevation or scroll through to review floorplan details and access a brochure.

SiteViewer Essentials is a standalone, web-based, interactive sitemap application, while SiteViewer Pro is an enhanced product that includes all of the SiteViewer Essentials functions and more. The pro product also includes additional data about each lot across the company’s sales, construction, and warranty departments.

While this is one example, it points to a bigger trend that is happening in society as a whole. Consumers are constantly connected and need access to data anytime and anywhere. This includes information about homes they are looking to purchase. Builders need to respond with technology that fills that need.

Changing the customer experience, in some cases, is easier said than done. Construction companies do need to implement CRM technologies, but also need to optimize the sales process execution by tapping into new insights about a customers’ level of engagement. It is a change in process that is required throughout an organization. However, once achieved, it can create big success for builders.

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