Perhaps one of the biggest takeaways from Bentley Systems Year in Infrastructure 2018 Conference thus far is the fact that it has a clear focus on offering digital twin cloud services for infrastructure projects and assets.

Case in point: The company announced the forthcoming availability of iTwin Services, which are its digital twin cloud services that can be transparently provisioned with Bentley’s Connected Data Environment for ProjectWise and AssetWise users.

This comes at a good time, as infrastructure asset owners and teams have recognized the potential for leveraging digital twins in many use cases that include analytics, AI (artificial intelligence), and ML (machine learning) in simulations and to support decisions throughout the lifecycle of design, construction, and operations.

This is just the beginning of the news that has been rolling out of the company’s conference. Continuing in the area of digital twins, Bentley Systems had a few other big announcements, including:

  • Acquisition of Agency9, which provides 3D visualization of geographic information and maps for collaboration and communication. Bentley’s new iTwin cloud services will enable the OpenCities Planner (formerly Agency9 CityPlanner) to serve urban planning requirements.
  • Atos and Bentley Systems partner to create digital twins for owner-operators of industrial and infrastructure assets. The new offering will help owner-operators meet key performance indicators through visibility of assets, realtime monitoring, performance analysis, remote operation of assets, and operational training, among others.
  • Siemens and Bentley Systems have also partnered to introduce PlantSight, which will synchronize both physical reality and engineering data to create a holistic digital context for consistently understanding digital components across disparate data sources.

Looking beyond the digital twin, Bentley Systems has already made a number of other announcements related to partner integrations and acquisitions.

For example, it has acquired LEGION, which is a developer of pedestrian simulation software. This acquisition augments Bentley’s comprehensive modeling environment with collaborative digital workflows to explore and validate comparative simulations of pedestrian traffic scenarios.

Other big initiatives and programs are being announced at the Year in Infrastructure 2018 Conference. For instance, Bentley Systems and Topcon Positioning Group, have announced new developments in the constructioneering workflow initiative. This marks the first anniversary of the launch of the Contructioneering Academy initiative of Topcon and the Bentley Institute. Now, the two companies are expanding the academies and continuing integration.

As one last example, Bentley announced integration between its ProjectWise and Microsoft 365, which will enable collaborative digital workflows for infrastructure capital project delivery.

And this is just the beginning. With the Year in Infrastructure 2018 Conference continuing this week, there is bound to be more announcements that will change the way construction companies leverage technology.

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