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VPO, a product of The Simplex Group

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First Name: Laura
Last Name: Nee

Secure Web-based Workspace for Project Stakeholders

VPO is a secure, easy-to-use, Web-based workspace that project stakeholders use for viewing, privately publishing and logically routing up-to-date information, and for measuring progress -- while streamlining cumbersome processes that commonly diminish success on projects.

By leveraging leading Cloud-based solutions from Microsoft's Office 365 suite and combining them with our project management expertise and content, we've packaged a scalable project management system that works for small, fast-paced projects as well as for large, complex projects -- and for a combination of both. We're able to deploy VPO quickly by using proven content that can be customized for the client and enhanced over time to develop a system that is truly built for the customer.

And we take a hands-on approach throughout, to set up our customers and the people they invite into their systems for success, through training and support. We want our clients to be able to focus on what they do best -- managing their projects -- and leave the administration to us.

Country: United States
City: Pittsburgh
State/Province: Pennsylvania
811 Boyd Avenue, Suite 205, Pittsburgh, PA, Pennsylvania, USA 15238
Phone: +1 800.847.7539
Product 1: VPO
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Serving the Construction Industry Since 1984

VPO is a product of The Simplex Group. We got our start as an Oracle Primavera solutions provider in 1984, guiding contractors and owners on how to best use CPM scheduling tools. In 2008, we saw a need for building owners and construction managers to work more collaboratively with their architects, engineers and contractors by sharing documents and streamlining construction processes like RFIs and submittals. VPO, powered by Microsoft Office 365, was born.