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Hyphen Solutions

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First Name: Hyphen Solutions

Hyphen Solutions provides industry-leading construction management software to home builders, suppliers and manufacturers. By utilizing technology, builders and suppliers can focus on what they do best: deliver quality, customer satisfaction, safety and continuous process improvements. Hyphen’s software delivers efficiencies that drive supply chain results and the future of residential construction.

 For home builders of all sizes, including production, semi-custom and custom home builders, Hyphen created BuildPro, the most widely used software-as-a-service application among North American home builders.

 For suppliers, subcontractors, distributors and manufacturers, Hyphen created SupplyPro. Its users benefit from having an online portal they can use to view each job by task, as well as its status and schedules, aggregated in one application for all of their builders. Suppliers have a real-time view of future schedule obligations, completed work accepted (as well as in-progress and potential work) by each job, superintendent and actual builder. All of this information is available on the user’s mobile device and desktop.

 Hyphen Solutions offers 24/7 customer support and continuous software enhancements. Users can earn BuildPro and SupplyPro Certification online. On-demand video, phone and classroom training options are available, as well.

Country: USA
City: Dallas
State/Province: Texas
1507 LBJ Freeway, Farmers Branch, TX, USA, Suite 300,, Texas, USA 745234
Phone: (877) 508-2547
Product 1: BuildPro
Product 1 Description:

BuildPro is the industry’s largest supply chain construction management software solution in the nation. BuildPro takes construction scheduling and supply chain management to the cloud, providing real-time information with greater accessibility, accuracy and efficiency. Today, builders have to produce more while spending less, which means the need for efficiency has never been higher. Allowing efficient communication between builders and suppliers, it enables users to execute projects in less time and with less effort.

Visit for a complete listing of software products for the residential construction industry.

Product 2: Hyphen BRIX
Product 2 Description:

Hyphen BRIX is a fully integrated enterprise resource planning solution for production and multi-family home builders across North America through BuildPro. Construction companies have built more than 176,000 homes using BRIX software. This cloud-based platform provides complete accounting, purchasing, sales and scheduling solutions for home builders. Connecting field staff with the back office allows builders to streamline communications, automate routine tasks, speed up production and minimize mistakes.