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ConEst Software Systems

Contact Information
First Name: Katie
Last Name: Martino

ConEst Software Systems is the trusted provider of a fully integrated and proven suite of easy-to-use software solutions used by electrical, data cabling, and low voltage contractors for their demanding takeoff, estimating, project management, and service management needs. Since 1989, the company's high value-added products have helped these specialty contractors save time and money, maximize productivity, and grow their businesses from increased profits. ConEst's leaders and staff are veterans of the electrical industry, and bring decades of real-world contracting and estimating experience to bear in the design, development, and ongoing enhancements of its powerful software offerings. The company's award-winning, innovative products are packed with unparalleled features and functionality – plus they cost less than similar offerings in the market. ConEst serves more than 8,000 users, and provides its customers with unrivaled support, training, and education.

Country: USA
City: Manchester
State/Province: NH
592 Harvey Road, Manchester, NH, USA, New Hampshire, USA 03103
Phone: 603-437-9353
Product 1: IntelliBid Estimating Software
Product 1 Description:

From residential to heavy commercial to industrial construction, ConEst's IntelliBid family of estimating software provides all the features and functionality needed to generate accurate, consistent, and winning bids. Contractors have a choice of four IntelliBid estimating solutions to choose from – IntelliBid Lite, IntelliBid Plus, IntelliBid Pro, and IntelliBid Design Build – with each one offering progressively more additional functionality. Each member of the ConEst IntelliBid family comes with an industry-smart database of more than 125,000 brand-specific electrical, data cabling, and low voltage material items with more than 50,000 prebuilt assemblies and more than 500,000 prebuilt assembly options for users to choose from.

Product 2: SureCount Takeoff Software
Product 2 Description:

SureCount takeoff software from ConEst provides the tools you need to meet the increasing demand for faster ways to complete takeoffs. SureCount's patented Auto-Count technology highlights and uniquely counts different symbols at one time, significantly increasing takeoff speed, and virtually eliminating the normally time-consuming and error-prone task of counting and measuring materials from hardcopy plans. Additionally, SureCount's dynamic link to ConEst's industry-leading IntelliBid electrical estimating software (see related information) results in faster electrical, low voltage, and data cabling takeoffs. Once the onscreen takeoff is completed in SureCount, simply open the Count Sheets feature in IntelliBid to seamlessly import all of the material requirements where they can then be organized and set up for takeoff. The integration between SureCount and IntelliBid automatically populates the appropriate symbol tables in IntelliBid (e.g., fixtures, outlets, switches, etc.).

Product 3: JobTrac Project Management Software
Product 3 Description:

On-time and on-budget completion of all your projects can be achieved when you're working with the right project management program. ConEst's JobTrac project management software provides all the tools you need for complete change order and purchase order management and job communication. JobTrac lets you maintain full control of your projects by tracking budgeted and completed labor, material, equipment, and subcontracts, including all modifications to the original contract. With JobTrac, you can follow the status of change orders, alternates, submittals, and all correspondence, daily logs, and documentation related to each project.

Product 4: T&M Billing Manager Service Management Software
Product 4 Description:

Schedule, reschedule, or re-route your crews, equipment, and subcontractors for each job using ConEst's T&M Billing Manager. Generate detailed work orders and convert them quickly and easily into job invoices from a list of frequently used materials. Track unbilled work orders, and monitor not-to-exceed costs by establishing credit limits for each customer.

Product 5: Electrical Formulas
Product 5 Description:

ConEst's Electrical Formulas is an electrical calculation and design tool used for simple conduit fill, or for complete project design using NEC Article 220. Electrical Formulas works as a stand-alone application, and also comes already bundled as part of ConEst’s IntelliBid Design Build estimating software. With Electrical Formulas, estimators can calculate lighting requirements based on room dimensions and wall and ceiling colors while simultaneously completing their estimate with IntelliBid.


Constructech 50: ConEst Software Systems

This past year has been a big one for ConEst Software Systems, which was acquired by JDM Technology Group. The company is still operating independently and is innovating—especially in the area of BIM (building information modeling).
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