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Computer Guidance Corp.

Contact Information
First Name: Victoria
Last Name: Satran

Computer Guidance is the leading provider of financial accounting, project management and productivity solutions to more than 45,000 users in North America, and has the largest client representation in the Engineering News Record (ENR) “Top 400 Contractors” and “Top 50 Contractors.” Computer Guidance’s eCMS solution has been the primary solution of choice among general contractors with revenue of more than 250-million dollars and 100-250-million dollars for the past twelve years according to the CFMA Information Technology Survey. In addition, Computer Guidance's eCMS solution has been selected as the construction management solution of choice by the AGC. Our innovative and cutting-edge solutions are implemented and supported by a team of seasoned accounting, construction and technical experts who understand the diverse needs and challenges of today's competitive environment.

Country: USA
City: Scottsdale
State/Province: AZ
14624 N Scottsdale Rd, Arizona, USA 85254
Phone: 480-444-7000
Product 1: eCMS Cloud Construction ERP Software
Product 1 Description:

A fully integrated financial and project management solution suite delivering mission-critical information for informed decision-making and optimized business processes. The comprehensive Cloud-based and Browser-based ERP software is specifically designed for the construction industry, managing financials, job cost, equipment management, subcontractor control, change orders, project information and communication and more.

Product 2: Project Collaborator
Product 2 Description:

Computer Guidance’s advanced project management solution linking all critical project information, between remote job sites and corporate offices. Features include business process and project data integration with eCMS’s applications for effective control of project costs, deadlines and communication including email, business intelligence and content management.

Product 3: Content Management
Product 3 Description:

Computer Guidance’s innovative set of productivity tools allow users across the entire organization to share, create, archive and retrieve business-critical project data, documents and forms in real time and on demand. Electronic forms and documents are integrated into the project workflow and are made available in eCMS and Project Collaborator remotely at job sites and in the back-office.

Product 4: Business Intelligence & Analytics
Product 4 Description:

Computer Guidance’s advanced reporting solution allows users to easily design reports and inquiries from project data, whether it is in the accounting database (eCMS), or any other database, such as Microsoft Access or Excel. This powerful and easy-to-use tool supports data from multiple databases at the same time, and presents information in a variety of formats customizable to meet specific business needs. Information is also made available on a user-friendly dashboard, launchpad and more.

Product 5: Equipment Management
Product 5 Description:

Computer Guidance’s Equipment Management integrated application provides effective management of the entire fleet of equipment. Information provides ability to track equipment location, manage associated costs, assign equipment charge rates, corrective & preventive work orders, and evaluate equipment performance as it relates to overall project and company financials.

Product 6: Service Management
Product 6 Description:

Computer Guidance’s Service Management application provides a full array of construction management services functions, including call recording, work order creation, order dispatch, and cost documentation. Service contracts and warranty data can be entered and retrieved, while all pertinent service request information is updated throughout the eCMS applications.

Product 7: Personnel Management
Product 7 Description:

All key components of human resources are managed through a single application that integrates directly with other applications of Computer Guidance’s eCMS solution (i.e. Payroll). Key functional areas include training and development, employee profile, benefits, safety standards & regulations, performance management, recruiting and payroll.

Product 8: Hosted Cloud eCMS

Constructech Top Products 2018: Computer Guidance eCMS v.4.1

Business intelligence is essential for businesses to thrive in the year ahead. Computer Guidance recognizes this and has built upon this need with its eCMS v.4.1 product. The integrated ERP (enterprise-resource planning) software manages financials, projects, and operations. 

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Thought Leadership:

Build Upon a Solid Data Foundation

Everybody seems to be talking about data these days. It’s clear, big data is no longer a topic reserved for huge companies. People and businesses are generating more data than ever before and many companies are beginning to realize the goldmine that is available at their fingertips. Companies that are able to collect and convert data into enhanced decision-making are spurring a new era of innovation and achieving a competitive advantage.