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3PLthird-party logistics
3PLPthird-party logistics provider
A&Daereospace and defense
A/Danalog to digital
AAFadvanced authoring format
ABAPadvanced business application programming
ACDautomatic call distributor
ACIapplication control interface
ACIS3D geometrical modeling library
ACLaccess control list
ACPIadvanced configuration and power interface
ADapplication development
ADCadvanced data connector
ADCUapplication developer customer unit
ADEapplication development environment
ADKadapter development kit
ADMapplication distribution and management
ADOactiveX data objects
ADPautomatic data processing
ADSLasymmetric digital subscriber loop
AECarchitecture, engineering, and construction
AFLTadvanced forward link trilateration
AGPaccelerated graphics port
A-GPSassisted global positioning system
AGVautomated guided vehicle
AGVSautomated guided vehicle system
AIartificial intelligence
AIDautomatic identification
AIDCautomatic identification and data collection
AIMautomatic identification manufacturers
AITadvanced intelligent tape
AMamplitude modulation
AMHautomated material handling
AMLapproved manufacturer list
AMPSadvanced mobile phone service
AMPSanalog mobile phone system
AMRadaptive multirate
AMRautomated meter reading
ANSassured network services
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
APaccounts payable
APIapplication programming interface
APSadvanced planning and scheduling
ARaccounts receivable
ASICapplication-specific integrated circuit
ASNadvanced ship notifications
ASP application service provider
ASSPapplication-specific standard parts
ATBassociated topology bus
ATEautomatic test equipment
ATMasynchronous transfer mode
ATPadvanced technology program
ATSautomatic technical support
AVLapproved-vendor list
AWEasymptotic waveform evaluation
B2Bibusiness-to-business integration
BACnetbuilding automation and control network
BAPbuyer aggregation portal
BAPIbusiness application program interface
BBObarrier bid optimization
BBRbasic backup and recovery
BIbusiness intelligence
BIMbuilding information modeling
BIOSbasic input/output system
BPIbusiness process integration
BPObusiness-process outsourcing
BSPbusiness service provider
BTRbehind-the-tape reader
CAcertificate authority
CADcomputer-aided design
CAGRcompound annual growth rate
CANcontroller area network
CASCADEchip architecture for smart cards and portable intelligent devices
CASEcomputer-aided software engineering
CCDchange coupled device
CDcompact disc
CDCcentral distribution center
CDDIcopper-distributed data interchange
CDEcommon data environment
CD-Icompact-disc interactive
CDMA 1xRTTcode division multiple access single carrier radio transmission technology
CDMAcode division multiple access
CDPcollaborative demand planner
CDPDcellular digital packet data
CD-RCD-recordable (once)
CEMcontract electronic manufacturer
CEMScontinuous emissions monitoring system
CFARcollaboration forecasting and replenishment
CFPRcollaborative forecasting, planning, and replenishment
CFScontinuous-flow monitoring
CGIcomputer-generated image
CPcapacity planning
CPEcomputers, peripherals, and equipment
CPFRcollaborative planning, forecast, and replenish
CPIconsumer price index
CRMcustomer-relationship management
D/Adigital to analog
DASdata-acquisition system
DBAdatabase administrator
DBMSdatabase management system
DOTDept. of Transportation
DSL digital subscriber line
DSRCdedicated short range communications
DSSdecision support system
EAenterprise agreement
EAIenterprise application integration
EAMenterprise asset management
EDGEenhanced evolution for GSM evolution
EDIelectronic data interchange
E-GUIextended graphical-user interface
EIPenterprise information portals
ERPenterprise-resource planning
FRfacial recognition
FROGfree roaming on grid
FTPfile transfer protocol
GDPgross domestic product
GIFgraphical interchange format
GISgeographic information system
GNSSglobal navigation satellite system
GPIOgeneral-purpose input/output
GPRground-penetrating radar
GPRSgeneral packet radio service
GPSglobal positioning system
GSMglobal system mobile (communications)
GSMCglobal system for mobile communication
GUIgraphical user interface
H/PChandheld personal computer
HAIShigh-availability Internet service
HDLhardware description language
HDMChandheld device markup language
HHThandheld terminal
HIShuman/system interface
HLLhigh-level language
HMIhuman/machine interface
HMPheterogeneous multiprocessing
HNFhigh-performance networking forum
HOLAPhybrid online-analytical processing
HPChandheld personal computer
HPFShigh-performance file system
HPSAhighly parallel system architecture
HSDRAMhigh-speed synchronous dynamic RAM
HSPDAhigh-speed downlink packet access
HTMLhypertext markup language
HTTPhypertext transfer protocol
HVACheating, ventilation, and air conditioning
I/Oinput/output devices
IA-64Intel architecture, 64-bit
IABInternet architecture board
IACinterapplication communication
IADLCintegrated access digital loop carrier
IAIInternational Alliance for Interoperability
IAMinformation asset management
IBPInternet-based procurement
IBPPInternet bill payment and presentment
ICintegrated circuit
ICANInternet corporation for assigned names
ICAPInternet content adaptation protocol
ICCPintercontrol center communications protocol
ICEInternet content exchange
ICMPInternet control message protocol
ICNintelligent communications network
ICPInternet content provider
ICSAIntl. Computer Security Assn.
ICTinformation and controls technology
IDBCilluminator database connector
IDCInternet Database Connectivity
IDEintegrated development environment
IDFintermediate distribution frame
IEAindustrial enterprise application
IECInternational Electrotechnical Commission
IEEEInstitute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers
IETFInternet engineering task force
IFCindustry foundation classes
IGBTinsulated gate bipolar transistor
IIOPInternet inter-ORB protocol
IKEInternet key exchange
ILinstruction list
IMinformation management
IMAPInternet mail-access protocol
IMDPin-memory database
IMOIntl. Maritime Organization
IMRSintegrated market response system
IMRTintegrated market response template
IMSinventory management system
INEintelligent network elements
IoTInternet of Things
IPintellectual property
IPInternet protocol
IPOinitial public offering
IPXinternetwork packet exchange
IRCInternet relay chat
IRMInternet resource management
ISinformation system
ISAindustry standard architecture
ISAPIInternet service application programmer interface
ISCintegration services center
ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network
ISMindustrial scientific medical
ISMintegrated system management
ISOIntl. Organization for Standardization
ISPInternet service provider
ISSindependent software supplier
ISVindependent software vendor
ITinformation technology
ITAAIntl. Technology Assn. of America
ITCMInternet traffic and content management
ITEindependent trading exchange
ITOinformation technology outsourcing
ITSinformation-technology services
IVAimport validation agent
IVRinteractive voice response
JAVAobject-oriented programming language for Internet
KBEknowledge-based engineering
kbpskilobits per second
KPIkey performance indicators
LANlocal area network
LCDliquid crystal display
LCIload-commutated inverter
LCPlifecycle planning
LEEDleadership in energy and environmental design
LONlocal operating network
LR-WPANlow-rate wireless personal-area network
M&Amerger and acquisition
MANmobile area network
MAPmanufacturing automation protocol
MAPEmean average percent error
MAPImessaging application programming interface
mbpsmegabits per second
MDFmeans distribution frame
MDImultiple document interface
MDISmetadata interchange specification
MEMmachine event monitoring
MEMSmicro electromechanical systems
MEPmechanical, electrical, and plumbing
MILmachine interface layer
MIMEmultipurpose Internet mail extensions
MIMOMultiple Input/Multiple Output
MIMSmessaging, information, and media sector
MISmanagement information system
MMIman-to-machine interface
MMSmanufacturing message specification
MMSmultimedia messaging service
MOUminutes of use
MPUmicroprocessor unit
MRMmobile-resource management
MROmaintenance repair and overhaul
MSMmobile-software management
MVNOmobile virtual network operators
NAInetwork application integration
NAPMNational Assn. of Purchasing Managers
NBOnetworked business object
NBSnetwork business systems
NCnetwork computer
NCAnetwork computing architecture
NCEnetwork computing environment
NFSnetwork file system
NGCnext-generation controls
NGIOnext-generation input/output (architecture)
NHRPnext-hop resolution protocol
NICnetwork interface card
NIIIPnational industrial information infrastructure protocols
NIIPNational Information Infrastructure Protocols
NIRFnear infrared flourophores
NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology
NLMnetwork loadable module
NLPnatural-language processing
NNTPnetwork news transport protocol
NOSnetwork operating system
NPDnew product development
NPInew-product introduction
NRTnear realtime
NSPSnew source performance standards
NTnew technology
NTESnetwork file system
OCVoptical character verification
OCXOLE extension (.ocx)
OD&MOLE for design & modeling
ODAAOpen Data Acquisition Assn.
ODBCopen database connectivity
ODBMSobject database management systems
ODMAOpen Document Management Assn.
ODSoperational data supervision
ODVAOpen DeviceNet Vendor Assn.
OEEoverall equipment effectiveness
OEMoriginal-equipment manufacturer
OFSoptical file system
OIoperator interface
OIMopen information model
OIToperator interface terminal
OLAopen library API
OLAP online analytical processing
OLEobject linking and embedding
OLEDBOLE database
OLTP online transaction processing
OMAobject management architecture
OMACopen modular or architecture controller
OMFIopen media framework interchange
OMGobject management group
OMRoptical mark recognition
OMSoperational method sheet
OPLoptimization program language
OPToptimized production technology
OSI open system interconnection
OSMoptical switching module
OSPoperations service provider
OTobject technology
OTMobject transaction monitor
PASprocess automation system
PBXprivate branch exchange
PCpersonal computer
PCBprinted circuit board
PCIperipheral component interconnect
PCLprinter control language
PCLCPC logic controller
PCSprocess control system
PDFportable document format
PDSprogrammable device support
PDTportable data terminal
PLCprogrammable-logic controller
PLMproduct-lifecycle management
PMproject management
POSIXportable operating system interface
PWAprinted wiring assembly
PWSpersonal workstation
QoSquality of service
R&Dresearch and development
R&Srouting and scheduling
RAMrandom access memory
RDMSrelational database-management system
RFradio frequency
RFIrequest for information
RFICradio frequency integrated circuit
RFIDradio frequency identification
RLDrelay ladder diagram
ROAreturn on assets
ROIreturn on investment
ROMread only memory
RTLSrealtime locating system
RTOrealtime optimization
RTOSrealtime operating system
RTSSrealtime subsystem
RTUremote terminal unit
RTXrealtime extension
SANstorage-area network
SCADAsupervisory control and data acquisition
SCMsupply-chain management
SIsystems integrator
SIMsubscriber identity module
SIMDsingle instruction, multiple data
SIMMsingle inline memory module
SLDCsingle-loop digital control
SMBsmall-to-midsize business
SMCsmall-to-midsize company
SMEsmall-to-midsize enterprise
SMIFstandard mechanical interface
SMMsecure memory module
SMPsymmetrical multiprocessing
SMSshort message service
SMSsystems management server
SMTPsimple mail transfer protocol
SNMPsimple network management practice
SPscalable performance
SQLstructured query language
SSLsecure socket layer
SSP storage service provider
TAPItelephone application program interface
TCAtechnology-chain automation
TCOtotal cost of ownership
TCP/IPtransmission control protocol/Internet protocol
TSPtransaction service provider
UARTuniversal asynchronous receiver transmitter
UCCubiquitous computer control
UCMunified change management
UCSuniversal communication system
UDAuniversal data access
UDDIuniversal description, discovery, and integration
UGUIubiquitous graphic user interface
UIuser interface
UMLunified modeling language
UMTSuniversal mobile telecommunications systems
UNCuniversal naming convention
UOMunit of measure
UPCuniversal product code
UPSuninterruptible power supply
URLuniform resource locator
URSuniversal reference station
USBuniversal serial bus
VANvalue-added network
VARvalue-added reseller
VDCvirtual design and construction
VIvirtual interface
VMvirtual machine
VMIvendor-managed inventory
VoIPvoice-over Internet protocol
VOMvirtual object modeling
VPNvirtual private network
VRvirtual reality
VRMvendor return management
VRMLvirtual reality modeling
VSDvariable-speed drive
VSP vertical service provider
WAHWeb application hosting
WAISwide-area information service
WANwide-area network
WAPwireless application protocol
WASPwireless application service provider
WEPwireless equivalent privacy
WfMwired for management
WISPwireless Internet service provider
WLANwireless local-area network
WLIwireless local-area network interoperability
WMLwireless markup language
WMSwarehouse-management system
WPANwireless personal area network
WSDLWeb-services description language
WTPwireless transaction protocol
WUIWeb user interface
WWANwireless wide area network
X3Dextensible 3D
xDSLhigh-speed digital subscriber line
XHTMLextensible HTML
XMLextensible markup language

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