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AGTEK and Leica: Dirt Simple Solutions

For many construction companies, interoperability is a chief objective. By putting data in the hands of those who need it—on mobile devices, tablets, or desktops—teams can streamline project workflows. The good news is technology providers are offering solutions to address this need. Consider the example of AGTEK, which delivers on its slogan of providing “Dirt Simple Solutions.” The company offers tools to accurately takeoff and estimate construction quantities, model construction processes, and measure progress throughout the construction lifecycle. Matt Desmond, president, AGTEK, says, “We try and empower the people on the ground. And then to empower those people—they’re desktop users—we try and get all of our software in a simplified version out to them on mobile apps.” For example, SmartPlan takes plans to the field and documents site conditions and determines material quantities, while SmartDirt calculates dirt volumes in the field, and SmartTrack identifies where machines are working in realtime.

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Strategies to Stabilize Connected Construction

Today, smart construction companies and corporate owners are seeking technology partners to create a connected construction project that is environmentally aware, friendly, and lean—and there are three big ways lean design and construction can help enhance value on projects. 1. Save time, 2. Minimize waste, 3. Enhance human potential. It comes down to having a “Smart Recipe for Deploying Successful Construction Technology,” and that means recognzing that it is about choosing the right technologies, defining and excuting a deployment plan, and selecting the right partner.

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Construction: Tech Gets to Work

From residential homebuilding to commercial infrastructure projects, construction companies need the right tools both in the office and at the jobsite. Today, the hardware for the jobsite continues to advance, offering new ways to manage projects.

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