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Steel manufacturers must brace for labor shortage

There is no doubt about it, labor shortage is probably today’s biggest challenge to the construction industry; and steel-based companies are not oblivious to what is taking place.

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Solar Field Tech Shines Bright

CSP (concentrating solar power technology) company BrightSource Energy,, Oakland, Calif., announced advanced solar field technologies currently being deployed at the 121MW (megawatt) Ashalim Solar Thermal Power Station located in Israel’s Negev Desert.

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University Power Plant Project to Rely on Cloud Collaboration

For a project in which successful, on-time completion is considered essential to Alaska's economic health, the University of Alaska Fairbanks has adopted the cloud construction collaboration platform from Aconex,, San Francisco, Calif., to manage information and processes for a $245 million effort to upgrade a 50-year-old power plant.

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Metal Fabricator, Constructor Goes for Business Analytics

To attain a complete, construction-specific software solution that could address the company’s job costing and business analysis needs, metal fabrication and installation contractor John W. McDougall Co.,, Nashville, Tenn., selected Spectrum Construction Software from Dexter + Chaney,, Seattle, Wash., a provider of cloud-based construction ERP (enterprise-resource planning) software.

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Unmanned Aircraft System ‘Launched’

Looking to expand the commercial uses of unmanned systems, Straight Up Imaging, San Diego, has launched the Endurance, a professional grade platform designed to allow customers to leverage through unmanned aircraft the full potential of aerial imaging.

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