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Castelli Takes the Reigns

There is no doubt the construction industry continues to hold great promise for all that embrace the possibilities. I learned several years ago these possibilities help project managers identify, prevent, and reduce potential costly delays and disruptions before and after breaking ground. The ability to access information wherever contractors might be—in the office, field, or somewhere in between—is essential. And that means selecting the right software solution to help maintain and manage your ability to collaborate between the office and the field.

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Improvement Software ‘On the House’

One industry software provider is offering a construction business application as a “no-cost feature.”,, Bayville, N.J., has announced the UPro Project Dashboard is now a completely free feature on the construction and home improvement industry online solutions provider’s Website.

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‘On the Go:’ Linking Field and Office Staff

Mobile software from FieldConnect,, Irvine, Calif., in combination with Vista by Viewpoint,, Portland, Ore., are found to be the right choice for mechanical contractor James Craft & Son,, York Haven, Pa., which worked with its previous paper-based work order system for two decades, but needed an “on-the-go” system to keep up with the growth in its business.

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