Jay Fraser, cofounder and systems architect, Plexxis Software, www.plexxis.com, Bolton, Ont., recently sat down with Constructech to discuss the latest challenges and solutions for subcontractors.


Constructech: How has your product evolved in the past year, and what is coming next?

Fraser: The industry’s largest peer group of high performing subcontractors worked to design best practices in estimating, project management, accounting, and mobile apps from the subcontractor’s perspective. These best practices were embedded into the mosaic Enterprise suite.

Examples of such practices include use of super assemblies and standardized processes in estimating; job master reporting, change order management, cost projection, and live cost projection variance reporting in project management; live labor breakouts in man hours, live material breakouts in quantities and drawings with takeoff properties on tablet in the field; as well as enterprise wide financial transaction controls and dynamic reporting.

The industry’s most advanced ‘remote’ estimating solution with field feedback is coming next.


Constructech: How will your product help builders improve business in 2017?

Fraser: Subcontractors using mosaic in 2017 will be able to improve the quality and speed of their work while simultaneously outpacing and outperforming their competitors who have to manage multiple systems, spreadsheets, mobile apps, APIs (application programming interfaces), and imports every day they work.


Constructech: What makes the product unique? How are you different from your competitors?

Fraser: Most construction software providers focus on general contractors, construction as a whole, or on a specific function such as accounting, project management, or estimating. In contrast, the sole purpose of Plexxis is to help subcontractors consolidate their work and accomplish everything from one spot.

Plexxis mosaic has mastery in estimating, project management, accounting, and mobile apps from the subcontractor’s perspective. This mastery of every role enables each user to unite on a fully connected solution while still retaining the processes and features they are accustom to using in their traditional segregated systems.

When subcontractors unite their team on mosaic, they eliminate the gaps that slow them down and quickly outperform competitors using multiple systems, spreadsheets, mobile apps, APIs, and imports.