Safety is perhaps one of the biggest initiatives and tenants for construction companies across the country, and many have safety programs. Here’s a closer look at one.

As part of the initiative, Shawmut Design and Construction has promoted Shaun Carvalho to vice president of safety, who is launching new task forces and software platforms that identify and document hazards, allowing teams to immediately address any issues and prevent incidents.

The company has rolled out new technologies, such as, which reduces risks by leveraging AI (artificial intelligence) to detect safety performance in jobsite photos, while also measuring trends, providing workflow analysis, and allowing the teams to spot PPE (personal protective equipment) compliance, environmental hazards, and fall protection, among other hazards.

Further, ConstructSecure, a safety-monitoring app, allows project teams and safety managers to make informed decisions to improve performance based on data. It facilitates site inspections and tracks incidents. Finally, it is also piloting the use of a wearable device that automatically connects to a network when workers arrive on site, tracking workforce location by floor and zone. This helps detect falls and improve injury response time by 91%.

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