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“The camera market is ripe for innovation, as sensor technology is becoming more advanced and affordable. Sensera Systems recognizes this trend and is offering a solution that is designed with construction in mind.” —Constructech editors

Back in the 1990s, David Gaw built an application to access sensor devices from a phone. At the time, the technology was very novel, and he recognized there was a need to have applications like this for construction site security.

Thus he set out to make a smart camera and system that was low-power with built-in wireless technology. This means construction professionals can have realtime site monitoring, and remote industrial sites can reduce the risk of loss and vandalism.

The technology the company created provides remote sensing and imaging, communications, and analytics. It also has an integrated advanced battery system and solar panel to provide portable sensing. The 4G, LTE camera products are easy to use, and the connected monitoring systems can help construction professionals with safety, site security and surveillance, progress tracking, project management, marketing and sharing, and as-built documentation.

The camera has been adopted by hundreds of general contractors and industrial companies nationwide, with a range of applications in construction, oil and gas, industrial automation, and more.

More than 750 general contractors across the United States and Canada have seen success with the technology including Mortenson, DPR Construction, PCL Construction, Denver Water Public Municipality, STL Construction Excavating Contractors, and J. Blake Single Family Construction, just to name a few.

In addition to focusing on customers, in the past year, Sensera Systems has also introduced a new photo management mobile app with its SiteCloud service, as well as integration of automated project documentation and archiving with construction project management and BIM software.

Moving forward, Sensera Systems plans to continue to innovate with the release of new camera platforms. In general, the company believes construction is rapidly changing, as new sensors and connected systems take hold. And Sensera Systems plans to be at the forefront, as it envisions change and greater connectivity for the construction jobsite in the future.

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