Emerging wearable technologies, with a focus on safety, continue to proliferate the construction industry. IBM is announcing a collaboration with Garmin, Guardhat, Mitsufuji, and SmartCone to monitor worker safety in hazardous areas such as construction sites.

IBM’s Maximo Worker Insights collects data in realtime from wearables, smart devices, and environmental sensors to assess a worker’s safety. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 2.8 million workers in 2017 reported a nonfatal workplace injury. Integrating the IoT to hazardous worksites may be the solution to improving safety precautions.

IBM’s partnership with Garmin pairs IBM’s Maximo Workers Insights with the Garmin Health SDK to collect sensory data to provide notifications of workers’ heartrate as well as offer reviews of historical analytics based on the wearer’s biometric signals. Supervisors and safety officers will receive the notifications in order to avoid overexertion or health-related risks for workers.

Guardhat’s KYRA IoT platform and IBM’s Maximo Worker Insights raise situational awareness to workers and company operations through Smart PPE (personal protective equipment) wearables.

Mitsufuji and its hamon wearable shirt is made from silver conductive fibers, and uses the IoT sensor data to record the wearer’s heartrate, body temperature, location, as well as environmental data to track a worker’s biometrics. By connecting IBM’s Maximo Worker Insights solution, this data can be traced in realtime, which alerts and signals to a mobile device that a worker is in need of a break.

SmartCone, a provider for IoT-based safety and monitoring solutions, secures vulnerable and hazardous zones. By integrating the  IBM’s Maximo Worker Insights solution, the portable system monitors worker’s safety. TheSmartCone system, alongside IBM’s Maximo Worker Insights, provides supervisors and safety officers with realtime notifications and historical analytics on fall-related hazards, dangerous zones, excessive temperatures, and more.

The IoT technologies are securing the construction industry. Using the IoT to understand a workers’ external environment ensures safety. The IoT technology helps decrease nonfatal occupational injuries, increase worker productivity, all while innovating safety.

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