Many AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) companies specialize in designing and building structures in a particular industry segment. TSP is an architecture and engineering firm with offices in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Nebraska that focuses on commercial projects in education, healthcare, and community.

As one example,  Andes Central High School located in Lake Andes, South Dakota

consisted of designing a 55,000-sq.-ft., high school onto the existing 25,000-sq.-ft., elementary school. The school’s aim is to cut the energy it uses and get the best return on its energy investment. TSP engineers replaced the school’s old propane boilers with new energy-efficient systems that have a 93% efficiency rating. The original building had been retrofitted with geothermal heating systems over the years, using propane boilers as a supplemental heating system. TSP’s engineers determined that a new geothermal system would be too costly for Andes Central’s budget and found a propane system that was more suitable.

In addition to the use of propane equipment and appliances, TSP’s architects, engineers, and interior designers created 12 flexible classrooms that can be used for multiple purposes, including science “classatories” that can be transformed from classrooms to laboratories and back again.

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