One thing the residential construction community has done really well is recognize trends and respond. When buyers requested more energy-efficient homes, builders delivered. When they asked for more “smarts” in the home, technology is what they got. Now, homebuilders are recognizing another growing trend that is getting ready to explode—senior living developments.

Roughly 24% of baby boomers plan to retire prior to the age of 65, with another 29% gearing up to retire between the ages of 65 and 69, according to the Insured Retirement Institute. With roughly 77 million baby boomers in the United States, many are on the verge of retiring.

Savvy builders recognize there is a big opportunity to build senior living communities to address these needs, but even savvier builders recognize that new tools will be needed to market and sell these communities. One example of this is from Rendever, which launched a new VR (virtual reality) platform to help senior living operators with sales and marketing.

In this case, it allows interior designers and developers to upload 3D renderings and photos of the projects so that the marketing team can run virtual tours with families using a touchscreen tablet and a set of VR headsets—and this is only one example.

Interior architecture and design firm Faulkner Design Group is one such organization that recognizes the value of leveraging technology such as this in the sales of homes, especially for senior residents.

The general premise here is technology can enable sales and marketing professionals to tailor sales pitch toward the features of the building that are most interesting. Even more, marketing professionals can start touring prospects before construction begins, helping potential buyers visualize what will be offered. This can help expedite the sales process and enable the community to be ready to open soon after the project is completed.

While this type of technology is beneficial for just about any type of home or residential project, there is one unique advantage it offers to those operating senior living developments. There is an increasing trend toward seniors aging-in-place, and these individuals more often need to be “sold” on the idea of a senior living community.

A good sales presentation, leveraging emerging technologies, just might help tip the scales and showcase the communities in a unique way.

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Laura Black
Laura Blackeditor