The cloud may be the buzzword du jure, but the interface with the data in that cloud is still a PC or, just as often, a smartphone. Tracking the work on a project requires getting and analyzing data from many sources and storing that information for later reference and compliance needs.

SkillSmart, a SaaS (software-as-a-service) tech company in Germantown, Md., has developed InSight, a scalable, cloud-based system for capturing both workforce and business data for construction and government project compliance reporting. It allows general contractors and developers to use the same platform, reducing the cost of multiple platforms, removing time consuming duplication of data entry, and increasing the reliability of the data.

Capturing all workforce and business data is critical to the compliance process. Projects have had to rely on multiple software products and increased labor costs to keep up and not knowing the reliability of the data sets that impact project outcomes and reporting requirements, a situation that can result in fines and project delays.

Insight provides a scalable solution with a single, intuitive user interface and dashboards to track subcontractors and projects, regardless of size or scale. Further, InSight is customizable to adapt to different requirements in a market. Reports can be generated quickly to meet the reporting requirements—in days instead of weeks and months.

The infrastructure construction market has a need for a more focused application. For example, powerline construction has stringent safety requirements to prevent accidents that can easily result in death for the worker involved. A long-time player in this area is Sigalarm, Sanford, Fla. with their proximity alarms designed to prevent unintended power line contact.

Even the best tools require training to be used to their fullest. Sigalarm must meet the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards that require employer training and a system that enforces and verifies safety procedure alignment. Sigalarm’s new iOS and Android app offers monitoring and training for operators for increased safety at construction sites across the globe.

With more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing and selling proximity alarms, Sigalarm teamed up with energyhill, as a Florida applications and Website developer, it is creating necessary wireless proximity alarm training courses and monitoring apps. Full video production is integrated into the training course. Users access the training course, covering all aspects of a wireless alarm, including an in-depth analysis, lessons, video instruction, and evaluation of each part of the proximity alarm; upon completion the user will be certified in accordance with OSHA guidelines.

The monitoring section of the app helps supervisors manage and keep track of alarm notifications from Sigalarms’ proximity alarms on job sites. This technology allows them to receive important notifications, monitor warnings with data for record keeping, and download warning history. Danger and warning notifications are reported live to construction site managers or key leaders in the organization. Using GPS data, supervisors know the specific location of alarms and use that information for job performance evaluations and more.

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