Lack of interoperability among construction companies is one of the biggest hurdles to adopting technology. Lately, technology providers have been coming together in an effort to streamline project workflows for contractors.

As one example in the early phases of a construction project, Newforma announced a partnership with AVITRU, the developer of AIA MasterSpec. Together, the companies will collaborate and coordinate on software functionality, starting with submittal management.

The initial release will pass submittal information in AIA MasterSpec to the submittal tools in Newforma’s Project Center. This will help architects with the management and processing of architectural product submittals.

Moving to the construction documentation phase of a project, many project-management providers are creating ecosystems and APIs (application programming interfaces) to enable the exchange of data in construction.

One recent instance comes from PlanGrid, which recently announced its partner ecosystem and now has more than 10 partners integrating with PlanGrid technology. The company initially launched its public API roughly two years ago, and has since built and deployed integrations with its software. Some of its partners include HoloBuilder, Sensera, and Uplift Data Partners, just to name a few.

This comes as PlanGrid also announces its new product, with innovations related to BIM (building information modeling) in the field, tasks, change management, RFIs (requests for information), and analytics.

Today, construction teams need access to data in realtime. Too often, data is scattered across a number of devices, and sometimes even paper. The manual steps to centralize it can be very time consuming. Many in the industry are looking at ways to solve the interoperability challenge—although there is still much work that needs to be done before data will seamlessly flow from the beginning design phase of a project through construction and operations.

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