Oasis FieldCenter
New Product

On Center Software
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Take It to the Field
Get ready for a whole new world of bidding and estimating. On Center Software has launched a brand new product—Oasis FieldCenter—that will eliminate the need to print plans and build job binders for the field. With Oasis FieldCenter, in combination with Oasis Takeoff, construction professionals are able to effectively communicate to all project stakeholders. Features in Oasis FieldCenter include access projects, bids, and plans, create punch items and track progress using status updates and photos, and the ability to sync markups between the office and the field, just to name a few. With a good mix of beta customers eager about the product, the Constructech editors like that On Center Software has addressed the challenges of sharing data between the office and the jobsite.

“With a focus on the field, On Center Software has launched a new product that will sync the office and the field. While Oasis FieldCenter is already chock-full of features and well-liked among initial users, we are excited to see how On Center continues to enhance its product in the future.”
Constructech editors