Team on the Run,, London, England, a mobile communication solution for business, has released an NFC (near-field communication) tag feature designed to revolutionize the check-in process in businesses across industries such as construction.

With use-cases in big office buildings, hotels, and hospitals, the Team on the Run NFC technology works on all Android smartphone devices equipped with NFC readers.

When in short range of a small and inexpensive NFC reader, which can be discretely placed anywhere, a smartphone is prompted to send a signal to the main database with a location and time stamp to alert the arrival of a worker to a specific location such as an office building or construction site, or the end of an activity.

This process saves construction organizations significant time and allows daily operations to run smoother, especially since Team on the Run includes a full-range of additional business-minded communication features, including message broadcasting by group or department, virtual walkie-talkie, and secure file exchange.

The use of NFC in construction is not a new one. As far back as 2012, the construction industry began identifying ways NFC could be used to improve processes on construction jobsites.

One key way is mobile-scanning device makers and manufacturers are including NFC as part of offerings to track tools. Certainly, there is opportunity to track workers, as is the case with the new Team on the Run announcement.

While the technology is here, offering a way to easily check assets, tools, equipment, and even workers in and out of the jobsite, the use of the tech in construction is still developing.

Have you used technology such as this on a jobsite? If not, now might be the time to consider such systems.

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