Nameless Data

As construction jobsites have become more enriched with data, the first step for many companies has been addressing the challenge of obtaining it all from multiple sources, but what comes next?


Better Data Access across a Fleet

John Deere, and LHP Telematics aim to make telematics users the central hub to their entire fleets with new upgrades made to the John Deere WorkSight platform, which are set to improve overall data management and improve productivity on the jobsite.


The Emerald Jobsite

The jobsite is set to get a little shaper, a little brighter, and a little greener with the release of the new Green Cross Line Laser and Green 3 Spot Laser from DEWALT,, which will reinvigorate leveling and layout processes for electricians, framers, plumbers, remodelers, and contractors.


ERP Software Extends its Reach

Computer Guidance Corp.,, is upping it’s game when it comes to ERP (enterprise-resource planning) with its eCMS v.4.1 software, which is providing the next step for construction management in the cloud across a variety of commercial companies.


An Eye on Time

With many construction companies on the move to make more processes efficient and paperless, Austin Lane Technologies, Inc., is furthering its mission to eliminate the need for paper on the jobsite with the release of its new ALMobile Grid Time Entry platform.


Digging Up Education

The jobsite and the classroom collide, as John Deere,, has made itself a new home and a new strategic technology office at the Iowa State University,, Research Park.


Framing Construction

Contractors are set to get a picture-perfect view of construction, as MiTek USA,, has unveiled a new design element to its Hardy Frame Special Moment Frame product offering.